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School: multilingual teaching, soon guidelines and database

The outcome of the RUSH project, shared by Fvg, Croatia, Spain

06 June, 20:24
(ANSA) - UDINE, JUNE 6 - A handbook containing the guidelines for multilingual teachers in Europe, translated into 6 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Friulian and Galician) and the creation of a European Resource Center which will host the materials for multilingual teaching, produced by the teachers, which will be soon made available to all schools. These are the results of the three-year RUSH project - Re and Up-Skilling Horizons, authorized by the EU, focusing on the cultural value of multilingualism in teaching with the use of minority languages, which was completed in these days by the Convitto Paolo Diacono of Cividale (Udine), with the Municipality of Cividale del Friuli and ARLeF, the regional agency for the Friulian language, together with the Region of Galicia (Spain), two schools in Galicia, Croatia (Union of minorities) and the school of Rovinj.

Italian, Croatian and Spanish primary and secondary schools designed the project and then met at the Conselleria de Educaciòn of Galicia in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) as part of a Transnational Meeting, to take stock of the progress already made to achieve the general objectives of the initiative.

The project managers announced that the Guideline Publication will be completed by October and the database will soon be available to all the stakeholders. The results of the project, including research in primary and secondary schools, teacher training and exchange of activities between students, will be presented at European headquarters in Brussels to political decision-makers interested in the presence of languages (official, minority, local) in the school learning process.


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