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Music:Capossela fascinates Sarajevo, bridge between cultures

Italian artist opens 'Italian Culture Season'

18 September, 12:07
(ANSA) - SARAJEVO - ''This trip to your country is a 20-year old dream... exactly 20 years ago I visited Bosnia for the first time. By writing, I tried to soothe the wound in my heart.

Bosnia, Sarajevo, The bridge over the Drina, Ivo Andric, cinema, Sarajevo's big movie school, the small world of avant-garde and multiculturalism among the mountains I loved ... I was there in August 1997 and that journey impressed me deeply''.

This is the way Vinicio Capossela presented himself to the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday, on the eve of his three-city tour, organized by the Embassy of Italy to open the ''Italian Culture Season''.

Capossela, a multifaceted artist, writer, poet and musician, offered a unique show to the public in Sarajevo. ''Bosnian literature and cinema gave me a new perspective on my homeland, that is Irpinia, southern Italy. There are many geographic and spiritual similarities''.

Sarajevo's audience reacted with immense emotion and with a standing ovation in the National Theater, asking for an encore at the end of a memorable evening. ''Capossella was not invited by chance'', Ambassador Nicola Minasi said, ''since this artist, even in his first novel ''You don't die every morning'', evokes the fascination of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina after the war, while his style and sound, especially in the recent LP, recalls Bosnia, a land of wolves and woods''.

After the opening in Sarajevo, the tour continues to Banja Luka (September 18) and Mostar (September 20). Young students of Italian language in Bosnia have translated Capossela's songs into a booklet, in order to allow the audience to better enjoy the show. ''Italy is Bosnia and Herzegovina's second biggest trade partner''. Minas continued, ''and the over 70 Italian companies here employ almost 12,000 people. After the end of military missions, it is now time to work politically and economically to accompany the country along the demanding path toward EU integration. Collaboration is possible only if we can share the same values''. Through Capossela's show, an ancient dialogue between the Italian and the Bosnian public deepens, in view of a balance that can be fruitful not only for the two countries, but for the future of Europe.


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