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Bosnia: Strache, it may become the basis for Islamic terror

Austrian nationalist, self-determination for Serbian entity

30 September, 19:21
(ANSA) - BELGRADE - Bosnia-Herzegovina could become the basis for Islamic extremists and terrorists in Europe after ISIS fighters were defeated in Syria and Iraq, according to Heinz-Christian Strache, Austrian ultranationalist leader of the Fpoe, the far-right party which is growing - polls find - in view of the October 15 vote in Austria. ''Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all the terrorist attacks in Europe in recent years have roots in Islam'', Strache told Rtrs, tv station of the Republika Srpska (Rs), the Serb majority entity of Bosnia Herzegovina. According to Strache, it is unacceptable to maintain a state community against the will of its peoples. ''The only structure that works in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Republika Srpska, so I do not see a rosy future for that country. That is why the we should recognise the right of Republika Srpska to self-determination'', said the Austrian politician. Based on the Dayton (USA) agreements, that ended the fratricidal war (100,000 deaths and 2mn refugees), Bosnia-Herzegovina is made up of three peoples - Bosnian Muslims, Orthodox Serbs and Croat Catholics - and two entities, Republika Srpska (Rs), 49% of the territory and the Croat-Muslim Federation (BH), 51%. This fragmentation makes it hard to carry on political activity and reform programs. (ANSA)
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