Golf: Reborn Paratore 'never gave up'

Italian wins second place at Porsche European Open

Redazione ANSA Rome

(ANSA) - Rome, August 3 - Italian golfer Renato Paratore came in second at the Porsche European Open - one step from victory in a turning point for his 2018 season which kicked off on the right foot but progressed with a few difficulties.
    "For one moment I hoped I would win but I am nevertheless satisfied", Paratore told ANSA.
    "The result was the outcome of sacrifice and perseverance, which followed a complicated part of the season", he continued.
    Paratore birdied the seventh and 11th but missed opportunities on the back nine, and a bogey on the 14th appeared to have shattered his chances before he produced an incredible second from the right on the last to set up a birdie.
    The Italian golfer has switched coaches, training 10 hours a day in order to change the course of his season.
    Then Francesco Molinari's triumphs were a source of inspiration for the young Roman who found the right energy "because talent alone is not enough", he said.
    Thanks to his second place in Germany, Paratore can leave behind his recent past and look at the future with confidence.
    The 21-year-old says he has learned a lot - "don't ever give up, not even when everything is going wrong".
    "After my seventh place last January in South Africa, I started playing poorly".
    "Nothing was going right and for a moment I thought I wouldn't make it".
    "The turning point came after the Italian Open", he continued.
    "I decided to rely on Alberto Binaghi and Peter Cowen, who together with the entire staff, from the caddie to trainer Massimo Bramanti and my manager, succeeded in relaunching me".
    Paratore said it wasn't easy with hours of training a day and dealing with frustration when he was unable to fulfill his goals.
    "During these months, I understood the importance of athletic preparation and technique, as well as the essential value of training".
    "Now I want to focus on the season's finale", he continued.
    Paratore said he will try to win again the Nordea Masters after obtaining his first title there on the European Tour.
    "It won't be easy but I will give it all".
    The golfer said that Francesco Molinari's triumphs motivated him and boosted his morale. "Francesco is a unique professional and this is one of his winning weapons".
    "I am inspired by the huge work behind his incredible results, which were prepared and studied in the smallest details".
    Paratore believes Molinari is "among the strongest golfers in the world".
    "In the long game, he has long been number one and now that he has also improved the short" game, he has reached the top, said the 21-year-old.
    He concluded that Molinari is an example he wants to follow as Italian golf is going through a golden moment ahead of a key appointment - the 2022 Ryder Cup in Rome.