G7: Teach health, wellness says Suzuki

Guaranteeing education must be global value - Tokyo Medical Uni

Redazione ANSA Udine
(ANSA) - Udine, June 29 - Professor Mamoru Suzuki, the president of the Tokyo Medical University, stressed the importance of health and wellness education at the G7 University Thursday. "My greatest expectation of this G7 is that, all together, we can recognise the importance of guaranteeing education at the global level, agreeing on this as a value," said Suzuki, who took part in round table 2 on 'Education and Sustainability'. He said that, from the point of view of a university that trains the medical class, it is indispensable to "educate the individual about the importance of health and wellness, to give a concrete contribution to the sustainability of the whole planet. "As professional doctors, we think that, by improving the state of health and physical and psychological integrity of all human beings, we can truly contribute to the construction of global sustainability".