Italy ready for G7, stereotypes overcome

Work schedule respected, necessary funding made

Redazione ANSA Taormina
(ANSA) - Taormina, May 22 - Italy is ready for the Group of Seven summit in Taormina on May 26-27, Cabinet Secretary Maria Elena Boschi told a press conference with Italian G7 officials in the Sicilian city Monday. "Italy is ready to present itself to the world," she told an audience including premier's office Secretary-General Paolo Aquilanti, G7 commissioner Riccardo Carpino, G7 structure delegation chief Alessandro Modiano, Messina Prefect Francesca Ferrandino and Taormina Mayor Eligio Giardina. She said that, after there was a comment about the mafia in Sicily, the summit was moved from Florence to Taormina and "we overcame all the dated stereotypes". "Also by respecting the work schedule without postponements and with the necessary funds," she said. Boschi added that authorised demonstrations must respect the law and said the summit would be particular interesting for its "international picture", including new French president Emmanuel Macron.