'No summit' protest during G7

Demonstration at Giardini Naxos on May 26 and 27

Redazione ANSA Catania
(ANSA) - Catania, May 16 - The Sicilian coordination group against the G7 said Tuesday that demonstrators will gather in Giardini Naxos on May 26 and 27 to protest against the G7 summit being held in the nearby town of Taormina. "We will be in the streets to give voice to all those who are ignored by this summit, but who experience the decisions taken from high on their own backs," the group said. "We announce our desire to make the powerful feel our breath on their necks in a Sicily that is increasingly impoverished and marginalised. "We'll do it from low, reconquering the spaces of democracy that they are trying to take away".