Killer's family wdn't let her marry

Macedonians living in Friuli gunned down after returning home

(ANSA) - Rome, September 5 - A Macedonian woman killed her family because they wouldn't let her marry an Italian, Albanian-language Macedonian daily Koha said Wednesday.
    28-year-old Blerta Pocesta, the eldest daughter, is accused of killing Amit, Nazmie and Anila Pocesta, a Macedonian family living in Italy who had returned home to Macedonia for a wedding.
    Another two men have been arrested.
    F.G., 31, and V.K., 61, from Gostivar and Debar, are said to have procured the gun used by the young woman and enabled her to flee quickly back to Italy.
    The family, of Albanian origin and resident in Friuli, was gunned down in their sleep in Macedonia when they went back for a wedding.
    The father, mother and teen daughter were killed at Debar, a small town on the border with Albania.
    The family had for a long time been resident at Sacile near Pordenone.
    The massacre happened on August 27.
    The family has another daughter who stayed in Italy.