Macrosn decries demagogues

And migration from Africa

(ANSA) - Paris, August 30 - "Demagogues" like those in the Italian government claim it is the EU's fault when a bridge collapses like it did in Genoa killing 43 on August 14, French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday.
    At a press conference after a visit to Helsinki, Macron pointe the finger at "those who say all problems come from Europe." He said "a bridge collapses? It's Europe's fault.
    "You're worried because there is immigration from Africa? It's Europe's fault.
    "These are not people who are called populists, they are demagogues".
    These demagogues, he went on, told "state lies".
    "There is never responsibility for them but only other people's fault," he said.