Change Sophia port rules Trenta asks EU

Italy can no longer take all rescued migrants says defence min

(ANSA) - Vienna, Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta on Thursday asked her EU counterparts to change the rules of EU anti-human-trafficking mission Sophia so that Italy no longer has to take all the migrants who are rescued.
    In 2015, she said "it was thought that action in extra-territorial waters would only be a first phase".
    She said "things in Libya took a different tack and Sophia's presence has now lasted for three years.
    "So far, as Italy, we have taken all the migrants saved on our own.
    "This is no longer possible, I say so on behalf of the government. The rules must be changed.
    Trenta added that "Europe's image is at stake in the Sophia mission".
    She said "in some respects Sophia shows that Europe can be a security provider, but I think the image of Europe is at stake with Sophia...our proposal aims to introduce a rotation in the landing ports and a coordination unit that assigns the port to the competent country".