Delrio joins hunger strike for ius soli (2)

'People will finally understand' says transport minister

(ANSA) - Rome, October 5 - Transport Minister Graziano Delrio on Thursday joined a hunger strike by Italian teachers to urge parliament to pass a bill granting citizenship to the children of long-term immigrants born on Italian soil who have spent at least five years in the Italian school system.
    "After so many shouted words, it is time to reflect on the 'ius soli' (law of the soil) bill," Delrio told La Repubblica daily.
    Rightwing and centre-right parties have stopped the bill, wppaorved by the Lower House almost two years ago, from being approved in the Senate, where the government majority depends on the centre-right Popular Area (AP) party.
    Delrio said that after much misrepresentation of the bill, "people will finally understand what is in it" because of the hunger strike, started by a group of teachers earlier this week.
    Speaking later Thursday, he said that party discipline should not be expected on such a moral issue.
    "If we don't make it, amen," he added.