Austria Brenner controls 'not necessary' (2)

Avramopoulos letter to Gentiloni, Alfano

(ANSAmed) - Brussels, May 19 - European Home Affairs and Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos sent a letter to Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni and Interior Minister Angelino Alfano Thursday saying that Austrian border controls at the Brenner Pass were not necessary. He said he had informed Vienna "that for the moment we cannot see the need to reintroduce border controls at the Brenner (Pass) in current circumstances, and that decision can only be taken as a measure of last resort, after an evaluation to see if it is fitting and proportionate". Avramopoulos added that he had "reiterated (to Vienna) that the Schengen Code forbids the installation of fences or other permanent structures at internal borders. However, in the cases in which border controls are temporarily reintroduced it is possible, in an exceptional way, to adopt temporary measures to channel migratory flows, if necessary and proportionally".