Stop nuclear weapons says pope (2)

WMDs militarily illogical

(ANSA) - Vatican City, November 10 - Pope Francis told a Vatican symposium on nuclear disarmament Friday that nuclear weapons must be stopped because they posed a threat to humankind. "We can only feel a keen sense of disquiet if we consider the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental consequences that derive from any use of nuclear devices, he said, stressing their "existence is functional to a logic of fear that does not regard the parties in conflict but the whole human race".
    Francis said the existence and possible use of weapons of mass destruction was "illogical militarily".
    He underscored that "relations between states cannot be dominated by intimidation".
    The pontiff also said "effective and inclusive progress can make possible the utopia of a world devoid of deadly instruments of attack, despite the criticism of those who deem idealistic the process of dismantling arsenals".