Vatican hopeful on N.Korea crisis (2)

But 'not mediating', Secretary of State stresses

(ANSA) - Vatican City, November 8 - Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin said Wednesday the Vatican was "hopeful" of "in some way helping to resolve" the nuclear weapons crisis between North Korea and the United States. However, he reiterated that the Holy See is "not mediating" in the dispute, but it welcomed media reports of possible detente.
    "If one could really intervene in the sense of being able to help overcome the current tension and find negotiated and diplomatic solutions, it would be our greatest desire," said the cardinal.
    As for relations between North Korea and the Vatican, Parolini said "there have been (relations) in the past", albeit not diplomatic, and "on a humanitarian level these contacts could be reactivated".
    He added that "disarmament and nuclear disarmament are issues on which the Holy See has always been engaged, also on the occasion of the recent approval of the Convention".
    The Vatican is set to host a high-level conference on disarmament.