Those unaware of climate change 'stupid' (4)

Italy govt OK on migrants, Libya

(ANSA) - Aboard the papal plane, September 11 - Pope Francis said Monday "why do they tarry in becoming aware of the effects of climate change? A phrase from the Old Testament comes to me, from the Psalm: 'Man is stupid'." Speaking at a press conference on his return from a trip to Colombia, Francis said: "he is stubborn".
    "Pride...and Mammon too. So many things, so many decisions, so many contradictions depend on money. The pontiff said that those who deny climate change "should go to the scientists and ask them.
    "They speak very clearly, the scientists are precise.
    "You can see the effects of climate change and scientists clearly tells us the path to pursue.
    "And we all have a responsibility, all of us".
    In other remarks, Francis said Pope Francis said he approved of the Italian government's line on migrants and Libya. "A government must manage this problem with the primary virtue of a governor, that is prudence. What does that mean.
    First: how many places do I have? Second: not only receive, but integrate". On migrant conditions in Libya, he said "I have the impression that the Italian government is doing its all, for humanitarian work, to resolve problems it cannot take on (personally)".
    Francis said he was "grateful" to both Italy and Greece for "opening their hearts" on the migrant issue, and said he had seen "very beautiful examples of integration" in Italy.