'True doctrine unites, ideology divides'

In Homily at Casa Santa Marta

(ANSA) - Vatican City, May 19 - Pope Francis on Friday said true doctrine is a unifying factor, contrary to ideology, in his morning homily at Mass in the Vatican's Santa Marta residence.
    "True doctrine unites while ideology divides", the pontiff noted, reflecting on the so-called Council of Jerusalem held around 49 AD which did not include religious male circumcision as a requirement for new converts. The first Christian community included "jealousy, power struggles, a few sly people who wanted to gain and buy power", the pope also said, according to Vatican radio.
    "There have always been problems".
    "We are human, we are sinners", the pope went on to say, noting that sin brings humility and the need to get closer to God "as the savior of our sins".