Pope, Kirill on need to avoid war

'Top priority for US, Russia,' Russian Orthodox Patriarch says

(ANSA) - Moscow, February 15 - The need to avoid large-scale war and improve relations between Russia and the United States were among the topics "discussed with Pope Francis" at last week's historic meeting in Havana, Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill told television station Russia Today on Monday.
    "Large-scale conflict should be avoided at all costs," Kirill told the pro-government broadcaster. This should be "the number one priority for the Americans, Russians, and many other peoples," he continued. "A war between "two great powers" with "huge destructive power" could destroy "the whole world", Kirill said. The Russian Orthodox Patriarch met with Pope Francis for several hours in the Cuban capital on Friday while the latter was en route to Mexico.
    Shortly before the historic meeting, the first after a 1,000-year-old schism, the pope tweeted "today is a day of grace. The meeting with Patriarch Kirill is a gift from God.
    Pray for us".