Pope lets three kids onto popemobile

Francis urges family interaction at dinner table

(ANSA) - Vatican City, November 11 - Pope Francis at his general audience Wednesday allowed three children to climb aboard the popemobile for a quick tour around St. Peter's Square and then spoke of the importance of family conviviality at the dinner table without the distractions of modern technology.
    "When children at the table are stuck to the computer, to the cell phone, this isn't family, it's a boarding house," Pope Francis said.
    Pope Francis said the "Church of families" can be a "an unrivaled school of human inclusion", calling family interaction a "crucial opportunity" in a world that is often closed off.
    "Today many social contexts put obstacles against family conviviality, today it's not easy, but we have to find a way to bring it back," he said.
    "At the table you talk, you listen, no silence, because it's not the silence of nuns but the silence of egotism".