Pope praises Cuban church 'sacrifice'

Pontiff endorses work of 'mission houses' on Communist island

(ANSA) - Holguin, Cuba, September 21 - Pope Francis paid tribute Monday to the "effort and sacrifice" made by the Roman Catholic Church in Communist Cuba and praised the role of "mission houses" on the island.
    "I know with how much energy and sacrifice the Church in Cuba is working to bring to everybody, even in the most remote places, the word and presence of Christ," the pontiff said in a homily he delivered during a Mass he celebrated at the city of Holguin.
    "Deserving a special mention are the so-called 'mission houses' that, given the scarsity of churches and priests, allow many people to have a place for prayer, listening to the Gospel, the catechism and community life," Francis said.
    "These are little signs of the presence of God in our neighbourhoods and a daily help," the pope said.