Pope back to work after Latin America

Francis is already back to work after returning to Vatican

(ANSA) - Vatican City, July 14 - Pope Francis has thrown himself back into his work enthusiastically after returning to Rome following a trip to Latin America and appears "fresh and lively", Vatican protocol officer Guillermo Karcher said on Tuesday.
    "This morning I saw the pope at 8:20 and he was already working," Karcher told the TV2000 channel. "He was all fresh and lively, as if he hadn't just crossed the ocean. The pope was enthusiastic and happy with his trip to Latin America," said Karcher, an Argentinian protocol officer and close associate of Francis.
    He said Francis' message on his trip now needed to be absorbed by the Latin American people, who Karcher said shared the Church's family values.
    "In Latin America you can't say that the family does not exist. Today there are still many families there that live the values that we maybe don't see any more in other places. It's a Christian family that believes," he said.
    Francis wrapped up his tour of Latin America on Sunday, flying back to Rome after visiting Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.