Pope donates medicine to Baobab refugees

Distributed by Solidarity Without Borders

(ANSA) - Rome, July 10 - The pope has donated medical supplies to recent immigrants and refugees at the Baobab cultural center, which can sleep 194 but generally houses hundreds more.
    The supplies included 50 kilos of scabies medicine, 100 packages of antibiotics, and 50 antifungal creams.
    They were distributed by volunteers from Solidarity Medicine NGO and the National Italian Unit for Transporting the Sick to Lourdes and International Sanctuaries (UNITALSI). Working jointly with the Tor Vergata Infectious Disease Department, the two organizations have organized a street medical unit for refugee and transient immigrant camps in Rome's Tiburtina district, called Solidarity Without Borders.
    The unit includes a doctor, two medical students from Tor Vergata, and two UNITALSI volunteers.
    "The pope never abandons us," said Solidarity Medicine Director Lucia Ercoli.
    "This is a path of hope and solidarity...starting with the last and the invisible," said UNITALSI Rome President Alessandro Pinna.
    The Red Cross last month issued a call for authorities to find housing for 100 Eritrean and Ethiopian men, women and children who had survived a perilous Mediterranean crossing at the hands of unscrupulous migrant traffickers, and whom police had driven out of a makeshift camp around the Tiburtina train and bus station.
    They had flocked to Baobab, where the Red Cross treated them for skin diseases, boat fuel burns, and unhealed gunshot wounds. http://popefrancisnewsapp.com/