Marriage is 'home-made alliance,' pope

Love not 'vitamin pill for well-being'

(ANSA) - Vatican City May 27 - Pope Francis said Wednesday that marriage is a "home-made alliance" which couples must work on "to make a single life out of two lives, which is perhaps also a miracle".
    Speaking at his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square dedicated to the theme of marital engagement ahead of the Synod on the Family, the pontiff said: "there is no quickfix marriage, one has to work on love, one has to walk, the alliance of love between man and woman is learned, refined".
    "Allow me to say that making a single life out of two lives is a home-made alliance, and also perhaps a miracle, a miracle of freedom and of the heart entrusted to faith".
    Francis urged Italians in the throng of pilgrims and faithful in the square to bear in mind the Italian classic romantic novel I Promessi Sposi, by Alessandro Manzoni.
    "You Italians in your literature have a masterpiece on engagement and youngsters should be familiar with it, read it, it is a masterpiece that tells the story of fiancés who have undergone difficulties and walked a road to marriage. Don't overlook this masterpiece on engagement in Italian literature, go on and read it and you will see the beauty," the pope said.
    Returning to his theme on the need to nurture love, Francis said: "whoever wants everything immediately will give up everything immediately at the first difficulty or opportunity".
    "There is no hope for trust in the gift of self if the habit of consuming love remains, as if it was a kind of vitamin pill for psychophysical well-being," the pontiff said.