Naples food is dangerously good say Universiade athletes

Participants faced with culinary temptation before competition

(By Paul Virgo).
    (ANSA) - Naples, July 9 - One of the aspects that the athletes taking part in the 2019 Universiade are enjoying most is the food they are lapping up in Naples and on the two cruise ships that are acting as the athletes' village in the city.
    There is just one problem - the grub is dangerously good.
    Britain's Mark Pearce, for example, admitted that he went too far before his heat in the 3,000 metres steeplechase. "I was certainly worried this morning" Pearce told ANSA after qualifying from the heat. "I had a stitch coming up because I had cake and muesli for breakfast.
    "I just couldn't resist the cake and the cappuccino. "It worked out in the end but I got a bit silly overeating". German shot putter Christian Zimmermann said that, while he weighed 135 kilos before he went into the World University Games, that measure was no longer reliable, given the quantity and quality of the food available on his ship.
    British decathlete Harry Maslen said he was fighting hard against the culinary temptations.
    "It's interesting on the ship. Definitely a good experience.
    One of a kind. I don't know if I'd do it again," Maslen told ANSA.
    "The food is kind of overwhelming. "It's times like this that I wish I was a thrower because then there's no guilt and you can just gorge on the good Italian food.
    "But I've been watching what I eat, trying to get good calories in. Good food".
    Like Pearce, Australia's Alexander Diamond said he has managed to get away with letting himself go a little.
    "I've been eating way too many desserts at the moment," said Diamond, one of Maslen's rivals in the decathlon.
    "It hasn't hindered my performance so far so I'm not going to complain". Andrea Gagliotta, a pizza chef working at the Mostra d'Oltremare complex, one of the competition venues, said the athletes were lapping up the food on offer.
    "The young people whom come from abroad really like Neapolitan pizza because, fortunately, it is one of our region's genuine products and we've exported it all over the world," Gagliotta told ANSA as he prepared a ham, sweetcorn and mozzarella pizza.
    Not everyone at the World University Games finds the food in Naples too hard to resist though.
    "I don't eat much generally," said Japanese steeplechaser Ryohei Sakaguchi.
    "I don't get affected by this kind of temptation".