Universiade: canine rescue units

During regattas, 'stronger than human lifesavers'

(ANSA) - Naples, June 24 - Some 15 canine units will be deployed during the regattas held July 8-12 in Naples in the waters near Castel dell'Ovo. "By canine units, we mean a man and a dog trained to rescue i water," said Roberto Gasbarri, head of the south-central section of the Italian Canine Rescue School. "The dogs used will be labradors and golden retriever of both genders." Between two and four units will be used every day. "Dogs are used for rescues because they are naturally conditioned to go towards those calling for help. Thus, they ensure better security and return speed during a rescue." The dogs will be wearing a vest to which those in distress and rescue workers can hold onto. The dogs are able to keep more than one person afloat. "They can even tug along three people without getting tired - something impossible for a human lifesaver," he added. This is not the first time that the dogs from the school have been used to assist sports teams. In Naples, it also happened during the America's Cup races.
    "This type of canine use was invented in Italy and we are still the leaders in the training field," he said. "The aim is to show everyone this Italian speciality."