Universiade, the role of technology

Cryptography and fiber optics to serve athletes and organization

(ANSA) - Naples, June 23 - From the sports facilities to the athletes villages, from the accreditation to competition results, technology will be playing a major role in the Naples Universiade 2019. Vodafone and Fastweb created an IP network with the MPLS technology that covers all the competition facilities. Every venue of the network will be accessing the network with different characteristics, depending on whether they host only competitions or also finals. Privileged access to the network will be provided to the guests of the Naples and Salerno athletes villages. The network is entirely made of fiber optics and was also prepared for the headquarters of the organising committee at the Mostra d'Oltremare exhibition space. Every area has been laid with 10 GB double-link cables to ensure better quality, since the HQ will be fitted out with the Internet Broadcasting Center.
    Technology will be playing a fundamental role also for everything concerning access to the individual venues by those accredited. The badge they will be given, a card codified by FISU, uses cryptography: a digital stamp developed by a Neapolitan company will ensure better security against counterfeiting risks.
    ''For everything concerning IT security for Naples 2019,'' the head of the technology section, Salvatore Ferrandino, said, ''it should be stressed that there is collaboration with the postal police, which will assign two of its staff to the technology operation centre set up inside the organising structure, and will be in constant contact with the central office.'' The 'Games Management System' is instead the IT system making it possible to have a map of all delegates and the services offered to them, from lodgings to transport and benefits. Technology will be extremely important also for competition results. The San Paolo stadium in Naples, which will host track and field events, will make great use of technology to establish the times of racers, the photofinish, intermediary times, the jumps, and throws.