Universiade:Renovation for San Paolo stadium

CUSI president says 500 beds available in Pozzuoli for village

(ANSA) - Naples, August 8 - Lorenzo Lentini, president of the Italian University Sports Centre (CUSI), said that San Paolo Stadium will be renovated for the Universiade Games.
    Lentini's comments came on the sidelines of a directors' meeting for the 2019 Universiade World University Games, in which Lentini said, "De Laurentiis says that San Paolo is a dump; but we will renovate it with the Universiade".
    "There are 20 million euros to replace the track, the lighting, and for the overall renovation of San Paolo, including a new jumbotron and new seats," Lentini said.
    "But in general, we feel comfortable about the venues, because FISU technicians have come on multiple occasions and have made positive evaluations. There is restyling work that will be done before the Universiade, and even if we weren't to do it, we're self-sufficient because there are so many venues.
    But the legacy that we want to leave to the area is the renovation," Lentini said.
    Regarding FISU's request for a more robust local staff, Lentini explained that CUSI asked the Federation to provide "all of its organizational experience".
    "It's clear that for this event there must be experience, professionalism and qualifications. The commissioner opened on this, and we as CUSI will do our part, but we also need FISU's contribution; we all have to work as a team," Lentini said.
    Regarding the athletes' village, Lentini said CUSI is "ready to start in Salerno thanks to an agreement between the university, the city of Salerno and CUSI".
    "We've made available 2,000 beds and the university cafeterias. There is also the Federico II residence in Pozzuoli with 500 beds in a very beautiful structure, and then, we also have the port available for the ships," he said.