Universiade: Saintrond says plan OK

FISU Secretary says 12-14 new experts must be hired

(ANSA) - Naples, August 8 - International University Sports Federation (FISU) Secretary General Erik Saintrond said there is no back-up location for the 2019 Universiade World University Games and that the event will take place in Naples, but he also said additional staff is needed.
    "The Universiade will take place in Naples. There is no plan B. Plan B is Naples," Saintrond said, following a directors' meeting.
    "We've been pushing for months and months for more staff in Naples. Even though we bring our experts to help, if there aren't people in Naples it can't move forward," he said.
    "We talked about it today as well. A general coordinator for the Games needs to be hired as soon as possible, as well as heads of various departments that are still missing. There need to be 12 to 14 people urgently; they need to get here right away. During the Games, the number of personnel will depend on the fact that perhaps people who already work in civil service can be used, but there is a need for expert personnel. We will put in additional energy from FISU, we will bring more staff here on a stable basis, we will rent apartments to house them here, but there have to be department heads, because if our staff comes they won't have anyone to speak to," he said.
    Saintrond appeared confident, however.
    "After the last two meetings, we have seen strong support from Governor De Luca and we feel calmer. We had some fears on the situation for the athletes' village. We didn't know how it would be organised. But now we've been reassured by De Luca that everything will be resolved in the coming weeks. The ships are the best situation because once they arrive they are ready to be used. We are flexible; we can use the campuses or even do a mix of both solutions we have, so as not to increase the price, but also ensuring that the quality of the housing is adequate," he said.