Universiade: Basile working

'Position not all-powerful, bidding on second ship soon'

(ANSA) - Naples, July 25 - The official appointment of the commissioner for the 2019 Summer Universiade will come at the end of the week or possibly on Monday through a government decree.
    However, he will not have any special powers, 50-year-old engineer Gianluca Basile, from Montemiletto, said.
    He was however already at work on Wednesday, after the government entrusted local agencies with managing the event the previous day. "I will immediately check with the various parties involved," he said in his office at Mostra d'Oltremare, "to understand who is ready. It is a difficult challenge. The event will be held in less than a year but we can do it if everyone - the regional government, the Naples municipality, the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), the International University Sports Federation (FISU) - is willing to give us a hand." As soon as the appointment is made official, there is the intention to call for a coordination unit. Since Tuesday, Basile has initiated contact with the Campania regional government, who will play a top-level role, and the regional CONI. Basile will ask the regional government to flank him with experts in the healthcare and transportation sectors but no deputy commissioner will be named. With CONI he will see whether a convention signed in April by Commissioner Latella with Coni Servizi, which was to be the operating branch of the event, is still in force. The agreement was never broken down into details and should now be rediscussed. "I have already asked for a meeting with CONI," Basile said.
    "Our desire is to go forward with that framework agreement and draw up the details, but it is clear that we need to see whether Coni Serzixi still wants to be part of it." There is instead no doubt on the housing of the about 10,000 athletes. "The legend of a single athletes village needs to be dispelled," Basile said. "Since the very beginning, the housing plan was imagined on three poles: Salerno, Caserta and Naples, and not only Naples. Discussion on cruise ships should be had again, which would be good for the city's image and which is all-inclusive, since the ships are already equipped with all necessary services. A contract was won by MSC for a 2,000-place ship and officially Costa has told us twice that it is interested in a second bidding process that we are thinking of holding as soon as possible. There is also the possibility of setting up cabins at the Mostra d'Oltremare in the external parking lot but we consider this an unlikely option since the timeline is short and this would complicate the organization of services." There is also the need to increase the number of people involved in the organizing of the event.
    "This," Basile said, "was a problem also for Latella and it is for me, since I have no special powers. When we asked the government for a commissioner we were imagining one similar to the one for the Expo, with the possibility to create a structure that would hire all the people necessary through procedures other than that of a public competition but this regulation does not give this power, since it is a regulation that facilitates the public works a great deal but not the management of services and personnel. This is why it is necessary to involve all public structures such as universities, the regional government and municipalities, starting from Naples. On September this is the FISU executive committee meeting in Lausanne. We will work hard to be ready and get the go-ahead."