Universiade: decree for commissioner

Cruise ship in Salerno port, says Undersceretary Castiello

(ANSA) - Naples, July 20 - A legislative decree on the 2019 Summer Universiade in Naples will be at the cabinet on Tuesday.
    The decree will hand the reins of the event to a high commissioner chosen by the government after being proposed by the Campania regional government. The announcement was made by Undersecretary Pina Castiello in a statement to the Il Mattino daily.
    Castiello also announced that a meeting would be called next week to get past "all the issues related to the project for the Naples port".
    "We have opted for a high commissioner," the undersecretary said, "to entrust to the area, without any authoritarian abuse of power, the governing of administrative and implementation processes." On the issue of facilities to be created to house the sporting event, public competitions for the Campania region sports facilities have now ended and the timetable will have to be complied with, which calls for works to begin in August. The undersecretary to the prime minister's office added that the athletes' village on cruise ships in the Salerno and Neapolitan ports was "a choice made for marketing purposes for Naples that will remain".