Universiade work won't hit Napoli soccer

De Magistris reassured De Laurentiis on San Paolo stadium

(ANSA​) - Naples, June 25 - Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris has reassured the owner of the Napoli soccer team, Aurelio De Laurentiis, that work on the city's San Paolo stadium for the 2019 World University Games won't affect the team. De Magistris said a meeting he held on Friday in the prefecture with all of the institutional representatives involved in the Universiade, as well as De Laurentiis, was "very productive".
    "We're pressed for time but all on the same page, to do the Universiade, to do the work at San Paolo stadium, and to not let it affect Napoli," De Magistris said.
    "The meeting ended well, all the conditions are there to reach these goals all together. All those involved were there.
    There was Commissioner Latella, the prefect, the police chief, us, the Region of Campania, Napoli soccer, the specialized technicians. We spoke about every detail. Now we need to hurry, to do it quickly and do it well, and stay united. Regarding the timeframe for renovation work at San Paolo you have to ask the technicians. I gave my utmost reassurances to De Laurentiis, so we are relaxed," De Magistris said.