Universiade:Governor agst Mostra village

'Regional govt allocated 270 mn, Naples town council not a cent'

(ANSA) - Naples, June 4 - Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca has spoken out against the possibility of using the Mostra d'Oltremare exhibition grounds for the athletes village of the 2019 Summer Universiade. He noted that Mostra d'Oltremare is "one of the most beautiful historical and architectonic gems of Naples and Italy as a whole. But a village of 10,000 people with excavations to be done would mean devastating the Mostra. "Those who love and respect Naples must seek possible alternatives. Maybe less convenient than the Mostra, but we will find a balance. There is the need for a convenient location that, however, does not devastate the city. We are discussing this. And who is talking? It is unclear what right those not paying a cent, the Mostra, has to speak about it. It is upsetting. There is a commissioner for the Universiade and I would like to be informed first and take part in the decisions." On the Universiade, De Luca said he was hearing "a disturbing amount of rumors. The Universiade are coming from a regional government that is allocating 270 million euros, while the Naples town council is not paying a cent. Those doing the talking have not paid a single euro."