Universiade: Mostra village 'too risky'

Regional councillor strongly advises against proposal

(ANSA) - Naples, June 4 - Campania regional councillor Francesco Moxedano has warned that using the Mostra d'Oltremare centre for the 2019 Summer Universiade athletes village would be a risky move likely to damage one of the most important exhibition grounds in Italy.
    "Moving forward with the choice to use Mostra d'Oltremare to install 2,600 cabins to host the athletes of the 2019 Universiade is a disastrous decision. The imminent risk is that the cabins will be occupied immediately after the end of the event, jeopardizing the real function of one of the most important exhibition grounds in Italy," he said. Moxedano went on to say that the "Mostra d'Oltremare contributes a great deal to the development and growth of the city of Naples. Seeing it damaged, like what happened with the 1980 post-earthquake containers, is unacceptable. I am still convinced that the most appropriate solution is for the use of the port and cruise ships. It would be better not to hold the Universiade at all rather than running the risk of ruining one of the most functional facilities of our city."