Soccer: Mihajlovic says will beat cancer

Thanks Bologna fans for giving him 'so much strength'

(ANSA) - Bologna, October 10 - Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic told fans Thursday he was sure he would beat cancer.
    In a message sent to fans on the occasion of the Emilian club's 110th anniversary, the Serb coach said "I am sure it is going well and I am sure that I will win, also thanks to you and my family".
    "I'm sorry I'm not there with you but I left the hospital yesterday and I really wanted to go home and see my wife and children".
    "I wanted to thank you all, fans and club, for everything that you have done for me, for being close to me.
    "You have given me so much strength in this particular moment, in which I am fighting this disease".
    Mihajlovic has been on and off the bench because of hospital spells during his treatment.
    Bologna are 11th in Serie A after seven matches.