Soccer: Gravina no to Serie A in China

Accord on preparation and competition

(ANSA) - Rome, March 22 - Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) President Gabriele Gravina on Friday rejected a proposal to play Serie A matches in China.
    "Serie A in China? No, the championship is played in Italy, that's why it's called Italian," he said.
    He said an accord with China to be discussed Sunday would regard "competition and preparation".
    Serie A sources said earlier that Serie A matches are to be played in China within the next three years according to a letter of intent the FIGC has sent to Chinese authorities.
    The letter also outlines training Chinese refs how to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, the sources said.
    It also says Italian matches can be shown on China's vast cinema market.
    The letter will be discussed Sunday at a FIGC meeting with local refs.
    Premier Giuseppe Conte said on the prospect of Serie A matches in China that "i'd like to take part too".