Universiade: Special port security measures needed

Port parking may be moved to provide area for security checks

(ANSA) - Naples, October 12 - Organisation for the athletes' village for the 2019 Universiade World University Games at the port of Naples, where two cruise ships will accommodate 4,100 athletes, needs to take into account the fact that construction sites in piazza Municipio will still be open in a year, and there will be an additional construction site for renovation of the Beverello pier, said Luigi Pagliara, of the Campania Agency for Mobility, Infrastructure and Networks (ACAMIR).
    On Thursday, Pagliara presented his report at a meeting of the City of Naples Universiade planning commission.
    He said that since the ships are legally foreign territory, regulating access to the ships will require special security checks that must be coordinated with Italian border police.
    In the area, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the Naples police department are calling for the areas where athletes will be housed to be isolated, for security reasons.
    Therefore, various options are on the table, all of which will require moving some services located at the port, such as temporarily suspending two parking areas and a taxi area at the Beverello pier to allow for a security screening area.
    Universiade Commissioner Gianluca Basile said that is currently just one possibility, and the final decisions will only be made after the port areas are consolidated.
    In any case, normal access to businesses and for hydrofoils to the islands will remain in place, with the option of moving the Alibus airport shuttle stop to another location.
    The president of the City of Naples Universiade planning commission, Vincenzo Moretto, criticised the fact that transport assessor Mario Calabrese was not present at the planning meeting.
    Commissioner Basile said the issues that emerged at the meeting will be discussed in the next meeting of the Public Order and Security Committee, scheduled for October 17.
    He also reaffirmed the highest level of cooperation between the city for all future issues on mobility, tourism, and events related to the Universiade.