Soccer: No alibis for Milan says Gattuso

Difficult 50 days says coach on ownership situation

(see related) (ANSA) - Varese, July 9 - AC Milan coach Rino Gattuso said Monday that the news of the club's imminent change of ownership due to financial problems should not be an excuse for his players to under-perform. "We must start over with great enthusiasm, putting alibis and problems aside," Gattuso told reporters as the squad gathered for pre-season training.
    "We are here to work. Then we'll see how far we get.
    "There are problems and there have been problems but we are duty bound to look ahead. "The last 50 days haven't been easy for me but I've been through worse, and in clubs that aren't like Milan.
    "I've heard lots of rumours, (but) as of today none of the players have asked to leave".