'Sky, Perform get TV rights' (3)

Mediaset dropped out

(ANSA) - Milan, June 13 - Sky and British-based sports media group Perform have obtained TV broadcasting rights on Serie A soccer matches over the next three seasons, Genoa Chairman Enrico Preziosi said Wednesday.
    Mediaset dropped out of the bidding process kicked off by the Italian Serie A League for the 2018-2021 season rights, according to the sources.
    The new bidding round was organized after a contract giving the rights to Spanish multimedia group Mediapro was cancelled in May by a Milan judge who ruled that it breached anti-trust regulations.
    The contract had been challenged by Sky's Italian subsidiary.
    Matches for the Serie A 2018 season were broadcast by Sky's Italian arm and Mediaset's pay-Tv arm Premium.
    The League is expected to assign the rights by the end of the day.