Nicchi says he and Rizzoli sent bullets (4)

Journalist said shoot refs, this is the consequence - AIA head

(ANSA) - Rome, April 5 - The head of the Italian referees' association AIA Marcello Nicchi said Thursday he and ref appointer Nicola Rizzoli were sent envelopes containing bullets about 10 days ago.
    The AIA vice president, Narciso Pisacreta, also got a similar envelope, he said.
    Nicchi said he had reported the incident to the DIGOS security police, the interior ministry and outgoing Interior Minister Marco Minniti.
    Nicchi told a press conference that a journalist had said on TV that "you should shoot referees and not let them ref" because of some mistakes.
    He said "this is the consequence". The Rome prosecutor's office said it was investigating the case on a possible charge of making aggravated threats, judicial sources said.
    Anti-terror chief prosecutor Francesco Caporale is leading the probe.