Soccer: Foggia ex-VP nabbed for mafia (3)

Accountant Ruggiero Curci accused of tax-dodge scheme

(ANSA) - Milan, December 4 - The former vice president of Serie B club Foggia has been arrested in a Milan mafia probe into tax dodging, police said Monday.
    Ruggiero Massimo Curci, an accountant who is currently Foggia honorary VP, is accused of orchestrating a "huge" tax-dodging and money laundering scheme, police said.
    He allegedly received some 600,000 euros in illegal gains from businessmen involved in the scheme, police said.
    Police said about a dozen people were involved in the illicit scheme.
    Until May Curci controlled 50% of Foggia and was its vice president.
    As well as being a top accountant, he is also the owner of a local TV station.
    Foggia FC issued a statement saying that Curci had no role in the club's management.
    It said his title, honorary vice president, was only a "symbolic" term used because of his past role.