Raggi visits Auschwitz after Lazio

With Tommasi, Perrotta

(ANSA) - Rome, November 6 - Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi on Monday visited Aushwitz with Italian Footballers' Association (AIC) chief Damiano Tommasi and AIC junior section chief Simone Perrotta just over a week after Lazio fans put up stickers of Anne Frank in the jersey of city rivals Roma in an anti-semitic insult.
    Tommasi and Perrotta, two former Roma players were invited by Raggi expressly after the Lazio ultra's slur.
    Tommasi called the episode "superficial and sad" while Perrotta said "they're not fans but people who have nothing to with the football world".
    He said "one of the great teachings of the football world is to have respect for others".
    Also on the visit with Raggi were 100 Roman students and representatives of Rome's Jewish community on the annual Journey of Memory.
    Lazio Chairman Claudio Lotito has said he will take fans to Auschwitz every year because of the Anne Frank slur.