Revolution in smartwatch world, Get

No more display and ear buds, contactless payment on wrist

(ANSA) - Turin, July 4 - 'Get' is ready to be launched on the international market, the smart bracelet that uses the technology of bone conduction and enables users, simply by putting a finger near their ear, to swap audio notes, phone calls and carry out payments directly from their wrist.
    It has been produced by the Italian startup Deed, born in May 2016 inside the I3) incubator of the Turin Polytechnic.
    The crowdfunding campaign on the American platform Kickstarter is online and started very well: "in a few days," says Edoardo Parini, Deed CEO, who conceived the project with the help of his twin brother Emiliano, "we reached the first milestone and got, up till today, more than 30,000 dollars with pre-orders from all the world". No more ear bud, earphones and touch displays. A real technological breakthrough, but also cultural. A new way of communicating that uses gestures: the sound transmitted through the bones - a non-harmful tecnology already used in the medical field without any counterindications - has something magic. Get, which costs 190 dollars, unites in a single device the funzionalities of a smart-watch and a fitness-tracker. In order to express this concept the Parini brothers - 30 years old, from Rome - have coined the word smart-bridge. As well as enabling users to access and reply to the notifications of the phone, the bracelet in fact permits users to also track their physical activity and their sleep cycle and to carry out contactless payments in complete security. The user's identity is in fact recognised, as for smartphones, via the fingerprint presents on the bracelet, every time it is put on. Get has an extremely well thought out design, without stitching, light and waterproof, entirely produced in Italy. Get does not have a display: in order to command all it takes are simple gestures, which enable you to access functionalities and applications. Deed has already launched a capital hike of 500,000 euros, underwritten by a club deal of private investors e angels, specialized in investments in startups and IT firms. Get also looks to the places of culture with the aim of making its experience more easy to use. In a few days, at the MAXXI in Rome, visitors will be able to use the bracelet instead of the usual audio guides. Spotify, too, has adopted the Deed technology for the launch of the new album of Italian singer songwriter Ultimo. An exclusive event that took place last April in Milan in whcih 40 fans of the well-known Italian artist were able to listen in a world premiere to the new track "Colpa delle favole" (Blame the Fairytales) via the Get bracelets.