Govt amendment to keep vaccinations

health police visit schools to verify certificates

(ANSA) - Rome, September 5 - The government is readying an amendment to keep 10 vaccinations compulsory for school admission, sources said Wednesday.
    The amendment would keep the vaccinations obligatory for nursery and elementary schools instead of them being, at the moment, only recommended.
    School heads on Tuesday urged the government to end the "chaos" resulting from a law stating the compulsory nature of the vaccinations and a circular saying they were recommended and self-certification would be enough to secure school admission.
    The chairs of parliamentary committees were said to be ready to approve the amendment.
    Meanwhile NAS health police visited schools across Italy to verify the accuracy of certificates presented by parents on their children's vaccinations for school entry.
    The controls, it was reported, started yesterday in nursery and elementary schools and will continue over the next few days on a random basis al across the country.