Stop unvaccinated kids - school heads

Withdraw amendment that puts off exclusion

(ANSA) - Rome, September 4 - The association of Italian school heads on Tuesday called on the government to stop unvaccinated children from starting school.
    "The amendment that puts off exclusion for unvaccinated children must be withdrawn," said association chief Antonello Giannelli.
    "If it passes, we'll have a risk to health safety at school this year." Giannelli said there were 10,000 children that could not be vaccinated for various reasons, and it was impossible to assign them to special classes.
    The Lazio association of head teachers on Tuesday complained of "great confusion" over the vaccinations needed for school entry.
    Association chief Mario Rusconi told ANSA the confusion was due to the discrepancy between a law launched by former health minister Beatrice Lorenzin saying parents must hand in certificates of 10 compulsory vaccinations, and a ministerial decree saying self-certification was enough.
    "This creates a situation of great confusion at the start of the school year," Rusconi said.