Hong Kong blocks Milan poultry (3)

Effective immediately

(ANSA) - Beijing, October 30 - Hong Kong's food safety authority on Monday blocked poultry imports from the province of Milan after a number of bird-flu cases, the New China news agency reported.
    Following a report from the World Organization for Animal Health on a "highly pathogenic outbreak" in the Milan area, Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety ordered a halt to poultry imports including eggs.
    The suspension, with immediate effect, is aimed at safeguarding public health in the former British colony.
    On October 26 an outbreak of avian influenza in the province of Sondrio north of Milan was reported, 10 days after it happened.
    The infected birds were put down.
    The chickens were killed after tests on a chicken that died October 16 proved conclusively it had died of bird flu.