Risk of trash revolt in Rome hinterland (2)

EU says waste must be treated where it is produced

(ANSA) - Rome, May 15 - There is a risk of "a revolt" by towns in Rome's hinterland which have been asked to take some of the capital's trash amid an ongoing emergency, Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti said Monday. "The idea that you can go forward saying 'in any case, we'll send the rubbish to other towns' is not only technically complex but also unfeasible because the European Union is watching and saying that you have to treat refuse in the places where it is produced," said Zingaretti.
    "That's not being polemical, but wanting to find a solution that isn't just "let's place the rubbish in other towns'." Referring to Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi's vow to reach 705 recycling by 2022, Zingaretti said "there's still the problem of the 30% that has to be processed and disposed of".