Spartan Race 'warriors' compete in the Dolomites

5,000 athletes expected for trials in Alleghe on June 29 and 30


The Belluno Dolomites in Alleghe are the site this year of the 2019 Spartan European Championship obstacle races, taking place Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30, following the 2017 edition in the Pyrenees of the principality of Andorra and the 2018 edition in the French Alps of Morzine.

The Dolomites became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, and more than 5,000 athletes are expected at this year's championship. The event will be a chance for the village of Alleghe and the entire area to engage a large audience not only in the obstacle races but also in the various high-adrenaline experiences the territory offers tourists.

The Spartan Race is made up of a series of three events known as the Trifecta: the Spartan Beast, the Spartan Super, and the Spartan Sprint. The Spartan Beast will take place on June 29 and is the most difficult of the three events in the Trifecta, testing both the physical and mental endurance of participants. It is composed of a 21-kilometre course with more than 30 obstacles; the fastest registered time is three hours. The Spartan Super will take place on June 30, and in terms of difficulty falls between the Beast and the Sprint for its complexity and distance.

It is a 13-kilometre course with more than 25 obstacles and the fastest time is 80 minutes. The Spartan Sprint is the shortest of the three events and is suitable for athletes of all levels, especially beginners. It consists of a five-kilometre course with more than 20 obstacles and the fastest time is 40 minutes.

Athletes who successfully complete all three events between January 1 and December 31 of the same year become members of the Spartan "Trifecta Tribe". In addition to the three main races, there will also be Spartan Kids events for children ages four to 15, with courses that range from 750 metres to 2.5 kilometres with at least seven or 14 obstacles, and with participants divided by age.

In collaboration with:
Provincia di Belluno e Consorzio DMO Dolomiti