Stopping arms to Turkey 'dutiful act'

Budget turning point not field for party flags says PM

(ANSA) - Rome, October 15 - Stopping arms shipments to Turkey over its Syria intervention is a "dutiful act," Premier Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday.
    He said Italy would lead EU action in this.
    Conte added that he had a clear conscience over forming a new government and did not think League leader Matteo Salvini, who is leading an anti-government rally on October 19, could say the same. He also said Salvini had proved to be a "bluff" on migrants and slogans had now stopped.
    On the 2020 budget, Conte said it would be a "turning point" and not a field on which to place "party flags".
    Conte said taxes would not rise in the budget.
    Asked about the possibility of a League victory in upcoming regional elections in Umbria, he said "you don't govern with likes".