Chiamparino timid on autonomy - Cirio

Piedmont governor tells ANSA Forum

(ANSA) - Turin, October 9 - Piedmont's centre-right Governor Alberto Cirio told an ANSA Forum Wednesday that his centre-left predecessor Sergio Chiamparino had been "timid" on the issue of greater autonomy for the northwestern Italian region.
    He said the administration he has led since June was trying to make up for lost ground.
    "Autonomy is a vital issue", Cirio said.
    "Piedmont was once an engine for Italy, and today it needs to not get sick.
    "Because you don't do solidarity if you're not well.
    "Chiamparino asked for autonomy on nine issues, a timid request.
    "We raised that to 23, and on September 30 I met (Regional Affairs) Minister (Federico) Boccia, and we recouped a little lost time".