Kill all gays says far-right pol

FdI leader Meloni distances self from Vercelli councillor

(ANSA) - Vercelli, July 22 - A far-right northern Italian local politician wrote on his Facebook page "kill all these lesbians, gays and paedophiles" in a post that he later cancelled amid protests.
    Giuseppe Cannata, of the nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, is vide president of the city council at Vercelli and a member of the provincial doctors and dentists guild. Local gay group Arcigay Rainbow Vercelli called for Cannata's immediate resignation.
    FdI national leader Giorgia Meloni said "FdI distances itself from the declarations of Vercelli councillor Giuseppe Cannata, elected three months ago as an independent on the FdI lists, but never a member of the movement". "His statements, which are extremely serious, do not reflect in any way FdI's thinking.
    "There is no room for those who write certain things in Brothers of Italy.
    "But we don't accept lessons from anyone, above all from the (centre-left opposition) Democratic Party (PD. She cited the case of Bibbiano, a town near Reggio Emilia with a PD mayor where children were allegedly coerced to say their parents were abusing them so that social workers could take them away from their families.
    The PD has denied all links to the Bibbiano case.
    Cannata told ANSA later: "I'm not homophobic and I absolutely didn't men to offend anyone. If I have done so, I apologise." "I'm a doctor, I've always helped everyone and I have very many homosexual friends who I esteem and love".
    He said he would "suspend himself" from the FdI caucus on the city council until the matter was cleared up.