Justice reform with oppositions - Conte

No emotional reaction says PM

(ANSA) - Le Bourget, June 17 - Italy needs a justice reform but it must be done with the oppositions and not as an "emotional" reaction to a current scandal involving appointments in Italy's politicised judiciary, Premier Giuseppe Conte said Monday.
    "We will work with (Justice Minister Alfonso) Bonafede and our allies to elaborate a reform that must be well thought out, we mustn't act out of an emotional rection, hot-headedly," he said.
    "We must work according to a clear demarcation line between politics and justice, there must be no zones of contiguity.
    "The contribution of the opposition would be nice".
    Conte said the government had to intervene to make sure politics and justice were separate and autonomous from each other, as laid down in the Italian Constitution.
    "We must work towards a greater demarcation between politics and justice.
    "It is not admissible for there to be zones of promiscuity, of contiguity", he said, stressing that citizens must be sure their judges were impartial.